We, the Macedonians, by birth and citizenship, in all parts of Macedonia, in the homeland and in the world, guided by the majority will of the people expressed in two referendums (mandatory 1991 and consultative 2018), unite against the unconstitutional and unlawful so called “Prespa Agreement.” We invite everyone: associations, trade unions, institutes, scientific and higher education institutions, informal movements, online groupings, political parties, diaspora, as well individuals, professors and other intellectuals, artists, athletes, workers, etc. - with all their credibility and public engagement to unite now, with one single goal: organizing a continuous and massive Resistance to the illegitimate and illegal constitutional changes!

Our joint support of this Proclamation does not and should not imply future endorsement or common political action in any upcoming election. All societal stakeholders who support this Proclamation, regardless of the ideological, political, religious or ethnic affiliation manifest respect for governance of the right and the concern for the future of the state, confirming the historical maturity of the nation, putting the general self-interest for the purpose of accomplishment a higher goal - preserving the sovereignty of the Republic and the right to self-determination of the people.

The main reason for this movement is the arrogant attitude of the government that ignores the clearly expressed will of the citizens against the unconstitutional so-called “Prespa Agreement,” manifested through a massive boycott that resulted in an unsuccessful referendum, of which 2/3 of the voters did not approve it!

Therefore, in this dramatic historical moment for our Republic, trapped by a corrupt political clique that ignores both the popular will and the Constitution, we ask for:

We express our determination that, if the above requirements are not accepted, Resistance will continue and grow, and all institutional and non-institutional instruments at our disposal will undoubtedly be used. We stress that this civic resistance will be and remain NON-VIOLENT.

#Бојкотирам | Skopje, October 29 2018


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  3. Prof. Dr. Biljana Vankovska, UKIM
  4. Prof. Dr. Bogdan Bogdanov, UKIM
  5. Prof. Dr. Viktor Dzimovski, UKIM
  6. Political party GLAS for Macedonia
  7. Prof. Dr. Gorazd Rosocolia, Columbia University - USA
  8. Prof. Dr. Gordana Siljanovska, UKIM
  9. Assoc. Dr. Dimitar Apasiev, UGD - Stip, member of the PRESIDIUM of LEVICA
  10. Prof. Dr. Elka YaCheva - Ulchar, UKIM
  11. Prof. Dr. Zhidas Daskalovski, UKLO - Bitola
  12. Zoran Vitanov, politician, economist
  13. Father Ivica Todorov
  14. Prof. Igor Janev, Ph.D., Institute of Political Science - Belgrade
  15. Prof. Dr. Donev, INI, UKIM
  16. Prof. Dr. Kiril Krstevski, UKIM
  17. Prof. Dr. Konstantin Minovski, UKIM
  18. Movement for Social Justice LENKA
  19. Dr. Maria Risteska
  20. Melpomeni Korneti, cultural actor, diplomat
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  22. Prof. Dr. Natasha Kotlar, INI, UKIM
  23. Global Non-Party Movement We are Macedonia
  24. World Macedonian Congress
  25. Prof. Dr. Solza Grcheva, President of Glas za Makedonija
  26. SUM Organization
  27. Prof. Prof. Dr. Tanja Karakamisheva, UKIM
  28. Political Movement THREE
  29. Eftim Kletnikov, a poet
  30. Macedonian Manifesto
  31. Risto Nikovski, ambassador
  32. Academician Vitomir Mitevski, MANU
  33. Alexander Rusyakov, writer, director
  34. Aldo Kliman, writer; President of the Macedonian Cultural Forum-Pula, Croatia
  35. Arna Sijak, actor
  36. Bill Nikolov, MHRMI - Canada
  37. Olgica Trajkovska, a cultural worker
  38. Prof. Dominika Boshkova, architect
  39. Prof. Dr. Mirko Trajkovski, Faculty of Medicine, Geneva
  40. Tsvetin Chilimanov, journalist
  41. Maja Velichkova, analyst
  42. Miroslava Ilievska, expert, pharmacist
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  50. Academician Georgi Pop-Atanasov, MANU
  51. Diana Iloska, doctoral student Max Planck Institute, Germany
  52. Ms. Bobby Kostoski, Quality Manager at Quanta, Germany
  53. Jason Mico, Honorary Consul Arizona United States
  54. Trajche T. Trajkovski, Editor-in-Chief of MAK FM, Perth - Australia
  55. Bobby Temelkov, President of QMS Canada
  56. Prof. Dr. Sonja Vitanova-Strezova - UKIM
  57. Chris Angelkov, Vice-President of the Macedonian Community from Western Australia, Secretary of the Macedonian Orthodox Diocese in Australia - Sydney
  58. Mark Branov, Canadian-Macedonian Historical Society
  59. Dr. Chris Popov, historian and human rights activist of Macedonians
  60. Zivan Rendev, founder and coordinator of Viva Macedonia and human rights activist
  61. Dusan Ristevski, Macedonian Literary Association "Grigor Prlichev" and Australian-Macedonian Theater, Sydney - Australia
  62. Dr. Ico Najdovski, a historian; human rights activist of the Macedonians; founder of the Macedonian Radio Program and Producer, Melbourne - Australia
  63. Suzana Shurlovska - Georgievski, School of the Macedonian Language - Paris, France
  64. Aco Talevski, human rights activist of Macedonians and commentator / analyst
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  72. Macedonian-Australian Orthodox Church The Assumption of St. Virgin Mary (St Mary-Uspenie Inc Sydenham) - Melbourne, Australia
  73. Macedonian Orthodox Community, Church St. Five - Rockdale, Sydney / Australia (NSW)
  74. Macedonian Orthodox Community - Quinbian and the surrounding area, New South Wales, Australia
  75. Macedonian Orthodox Community in Melbourne and Victoria - Australia
  76. Macedonian Orthodox Community of Gelong - Victoria, Australia
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  79. Macedonian community in Brisbane, Queensland - Australia
  80. Macedonian Orthodox Community (Ltd, Roseberry & Cabramatta) in NSW, Australia
  81. Australian-Macedonian Human Rights Committee
  82. Dragan Stoilovski, coordinator of the Coordinative Body of the Macedonian Diaspora in Europe for Protests, Vintetur - Switzerland
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  91. Primarius Dr. Todor Noshpal - Orthopedic Surgeon
  92. Christian Benito, artist, poet
  93. Youth organization "Struga Boycotts"
  94. Vesna Naumovska, Professor of Philosophy, activist
#Бојкотирам | November 11 2018